Process for memory upgrade in Gateway® Lt21

What are the benefits of a memory upgrade in Gateway Lt21?

Gateway Lt21 is designed to provide maximum performance for every user. This system has a 250GB hard disk and 1GB of RAM. The six cell battery offers a maximum of 10 hours of power. Similar to the other components in the system, you can upgrade the memory capacity as well. The system contains two types of memory. That means the main memory and the secondary memory. The system stores all the information in the main memory. If this main memory lacks the space, then the data will be temporarily stored in the virtual memory. The data in the virtual memory will get saved only if there is enough space is available in the main memory. Through upgrades, you can access more space from the memory.

Following are the needs, benefits and the necessary reasons for memory upgrades:

  • Need for memory upgrades

  • Situations leading to memory upgrades

  • Benefits of memory upgrades

Need of memory upgrades

The upgrades in the memory of Gateway Lt21 can be classified as both a primary memory upgrade as well as a secondary memory upgrade. While upgrading the video card in the system, certain amount of memory will be added to the system for multimedia applications. The secondary memory on the system can be upgraded when there is inadequate space on the hard drive. The hard disk will slow down in retrieving the needed files and programs when it is full.

Situations leading to memory upgrades

When the amount of data stored in the memory is increased and the work load also increases, then the performance of the system will degrade and the system will start to show different error messages. You can simply optimize the performance of the system with the help of a memory upgrade. The greater memory provides the means necessary for running multiple programs on the system. It may improve the speed at which the programs are loaded on the computer as well.

Benefits of memory upgrades

A faster load time is the main benefit of upgrades to the memory. Multiple programs can run on the operating system and the computer at the same time. You can allow multiple background services such antivirus and antispyware programs to run on Gateway Lt21 without ruining the performance of the CPU. You can perform an upgrade by taking the system to a qualified expert to assist you in upgrading the computer system.

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