Recovery in Gateway® LT21 Series

Guidelines for Recovery in Gateway LT21 Series

Recovery management is used for backup and recovery of system files in case of any system failure. The users can restore the system to its original state through Recovery Management. An important point to be noted is that it’s better to use the respective Recovery manager or any backup software to backup all your files to multiple set of drives, so that important documents are not lost in case of any system complaints. In Gateway LT21 series notebooks, are specially designed with an Intel atom processor N450 of 512 MB cache memory. The screen is 10.1” wide with a good resolution of 1024 x 600 cm. The hard drive capacity is 250 GB and 1 GB RAM. The multi-in-1 digital media card reader and the integrated Intel graphics card accelerator is an added feature of this series.

Below are some basic knowledge about recovery management, its role and requirement in Gateway LT21 series notebooks:

  • Recovery management

  • Role of recovery management

  • Requirement of system recovery

Recovery management

Recovery management can also be termed as recovery partition. Recovery management is a notable feature of Gateway Lt21 series. This feature is very helpful in case any error occur in the software installed in the system. This enables the user to reset the system to a previous state which has been determined by the user. The correct date to which the system must be recovered should be kept in mind before restoring.

Role of recovery management

Any system can meet failures at any instant of time. This failure might be because of any error in the installed software, hardware or hard devices of the system. The system might become slow or it might get crashed. In such a case, there is a risk of loss of essential data saved in the system. Now, the role of recovery management arises. The system can be taken back to a previous setting and the data can be collected.

Requirement of system recovery

The foremost purpose of using a laptop is to save data that are indispensible for the functioning of an organization. These data might be stored in the memory of the system. Sometimes, the memory might not be enough to store the bulk data. Then, the system might become slow in processing or it might not work. Recovery management can now restore the settings of the system to a previous state.

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