Gateway LT21 Series Wireless Driver

Information on wireless driver related issues in Gateway LT21 Series

For any laptop or notebook the feature of wireless connectivity is a must these days. But to ensure that you connect successfully to any wireless network, its important that correct drivers are installed on your system that are compatible with the wireless hardware. Most of the problems related to connection failure of a wireless network arise due to incorrect drivers installed or corrupt drivers. So, it becomes of utmost importance that appropriate drivers are installed. Gateway® releases updated drivers periodically on its site and its always advised to upgrade the wireless drivers on your system as it gets available, as those are mostly bug fixes for the previous glitches in the drivers. This in turn brings safety and stability for the computer in a wireless network.

Here are three points of discussion on Gateway LT21 Series -

  • Information on Wireless Drivers

  • Wireless Drivers on Gateway LT21 Series Netbook

  • Issues and resolutions while

  • installation

Information on Wireless Drivers

A device driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device. The driver communicates with the device through the computer or communications subsystem to which the hardware connects. Programmers can write the higher-level application code independently of whatever specific hardware device it will ultimately control, because code and device can interface in a standard way, regardless of the software superstructure or of underlying hardware. The wireless network cards manufactured by various companies work on the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard. Appropriate device drivers need to be written for the wireless network card to work correctly with the operating system.

Wireless Drivers on Gateway LT21 Series Netbook

The Gateway LT21 Series netbook has in-built wireless networking. These netbooks are equipped with either 802.11b/g/N or 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless to for a secure and fast wireless connection. Without installing wireless drivers the hardware won’t be able to interface with the operating system. Hence, the wireless networking won’t work accordingly. The proper version of the wireless driver needs to be installed for working correctly.

Issues and resolutions while installation

The most common issue that one faces while installing wireless drivers for Gateway LT21 Series netbook is the incompatibility between the driver and the wireless adapter. As a result either the installation won’t be successful or the netbook won’t get connected to any wireless network. The resolution to this problem would be to get the correct drivers for your netbook depending on the operating system and the specifications of the wireless adapter from the manufacturer's website.

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