Gateway® MT3705

What are the features and technical specifications of the Gateway MT3705 system?

Gateway MT3705 system is a gaming system. For this purpose, this system is integrated with the ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics of up to 256MB of HyperMemory. The pictures and the videos in this system can be viewed in a better way with this high performance graphics card. High definition audio in this system offers better sound for all the multimedia applications in this system. The six-cell lithium battery of this system helps you to work for long time without any charging issues. It helps you to improve the productivity of the system also. The 14.1” wide screen helps you to view the contents from the website in a clearer way. The built-in network card in this system offers a maximum of 100Mbps speed and thus you could make a better communication with all your friends and family.

Following are important technical specifications of Gateway MT3705 system:

  • Operating System

  • Memory

  • Processor

Operating System

The software application which controls all the tasks and the processes in the system is known as Operating System. The Operating System in the system is responsible for translating the user request into the system understandable format. Each and every application in the system mainly depends upon the underlying Operating System. Microsoft Windows Vista is the default Operating System in this system. You could install any editions of the Windows Vista in this system.


Memory is one of the important components in the system. The memory can mainly be divided into two parts; physical memory and logical memory. Random Access Memory is the main memory in the system. RAM in the system is supported by any of the different technologies such as DDR1, DDR2 etc. In this system, the included technology is DDR2. This system comes with 1GB memory capacity in RAM and this can be expanded up to 2GB. 100GB is the hard drive capacity in this system.


Intel Pentium Dual Core mobile processor is the processor specification in this system. 1.6GHz is the processor speed and 1MB L2 cache is the cache supported. This is one of the high speed processors available for the system users. The user could make use of this high speed processor to improve the productivity and performance of the system.

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