Important features of Gateway® MX3215

What are the various features and technical specifications of Gateway MX3215 notebook?

Gateway MX3215 laptop is the best performance notebook personal computer that enables multi-tasking with the help of Intel Celeron M360 Processor. The processing speed is 1.4 GHz, which includes a fourteen inch wide screen. You can enjoy clear and crisp DVD movies on the screen with high resolution and high definition audio. In terms of graphical support offered by this laptop it meets the requirements of user with enhanced support for multimedia devices. The wireless technology adopted here is of high engineering standard, due to which, there is no difficulty with users to access a personal computer or Internet through the Network. In addition to this, the wireless technology gives you improved security.

The technical specifications and features of Gateway MX 3215 laptops can be seen as follows:

  • Technical specifications

  • Best performance

  • High security

Technical specifications

Gateway MX 3215 laptop uses 1.4 Giga Hertz Intel Celeron M360 processor. It is capable of multi tasking with best processing speed, with a 14 inch wide LCD screen in support of people with vision defects. The laptop uses Via VN800 chipset with high definition audio of C 97 2.3 compliant built in speakers. The laptop gives 64 MB S3 Unichrome TM Pro Integrated Graphics processor to give best graphical assistance on your video.

Best performance

The most important feature of Gateway MX 3215 laptop is the best performance. Intel Celeron M360 Processor is capable of doing multi tasks with high speed, which includes videos with enhanced graphical effects. As a user you can enjoy movies and music very much with the help of this laptop. Best sound signals are produced by C 972.3 built in speakers. It is equipped with 14 inch wide screen and Gateway MX 3215 can give you high resolution.

High security

Another important feature aided by Gateway MX 3215 laptop is that it operates in the secure mode as it uses the encrypting password and user name to enter into the Network. Encrypted passwords cannot be accessed by humans, the e-mail messages or files send and received between two computers in one Network will not leak.

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