Installing drivers and BIOS for Gateway® MX6030 notebook computer

Do you own a Gateway MX6030 system? Find out how to install drivers and BIOS on your system.

Gateway MX6030 comes with Intel Celeron M Processor 360 (1 MB L2 Cache | 1.40 GHz | 400 MHz FSB), 512 MB DDR (1 x 512 MB) SODIMM (PC2700) expandable to 1 GB, Intel Extreme 2 Graphics 32 MB Shared Video Memory, 60 GB HDD (4200 RPM) hard disk, 802.11g integrated wireless (up to 54Mbps), 6-cell Lithium-ion battery and many other high performance components. Your Gateway MX6030 has many components such as audio cards, video cards, network cards, graphics cards, etc. Drivers link these components with the OS and the system also requires a BIOS (service essential for system startup). Drivers (as well as BIOS utilities) come as self extracting files that can be easily installed on your Gateway MX6030. However, when installing drivers, Gateway MX6030 users are advised to carry out the installation when the system is in the safe mode of operation (to minimize chances of errors coming up). Users are also requested to scan the system for malware as if malicious threats are within the system, the driver/BIOS might get corrupted.

Following detail gives users more information and tips to find/download and install drivers and BIOS on your Gateway MX6030 notebook computer:

  • Separate utilities

  • Genuine website

  • Terminate network services

Separate utilities

Separate utilities can be used to find/download drivers or BIOS for Gateway MX6030. Separate utilities include driver software such as Driver Genius or BIOS related software such as BIOS Agent. These software would scan the system for updates and find and download appropriate versions of software from the Internet so that users can install them.

Genuine website

All Gateway MX6030 users downloading drivers or BIOS for the system must only download the software from genuine website of Gateway. Drivers or BIOS updates provided by third party websites should not be downloaded as they might have malware that would get installed on the system and cause many problems and even corruption of the OS.

Terminate network services

When downloading drivers or BIOS updates for Gateway MX6030, users are requested to terminate all network related services that are running on the system. This can be done using the 'Task manager' of the system. Terminating the network based services would help speed up the download and reduce chances of the driver/BIOS download getting interrupted.

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