Gateway® MX6030

Discuss the features, performance, and technical specifications of Gateway MX6030.

MX6030 is stylish model introduced by Gateway. It suits all types of environment such as home, business etc. It delivers an excellent performance because it is provided with Intel Celeron M processor. In addition to that, its memory and hard disk give amazing storage properties. It is a widescreen system which is a desktop replacement. It is provided with an excellent graphics card. Another advantage of this series is Gateway MX6030 boot CD automatically starts up and a graphics user interface window would be displayed. It is available in different colors and its weight is about 6.27 pounds. Its keyboard has a good layout. Therefore, it would help the customer in easy typing. The keys are decently arranged. The arrangement of ports is also good. It has ports for USB, Ethernet, eSATA, VGA etc. It provides four USB ports, a microphone port, and also a headphone jack. Touchpad with vertical scroll zone is used as pointing device. High quality speakers are integrated in it which gives clear sound. It is also provided with various software and hardware technologies. It also allows easy surfing of the Internet and one can also enjoy multiple processes. For example, you can enjoy listening to music and surfing at the same time.

Some of the features, performance, and technical specifications of Gateway MX6030 are given below:

  • Features

  • Performance

  • Technical Specifications


It provides very exciting features to the customers. Its case, connectivity, display, keyboard, touchpad, ports are some of its features. It has an ultra wide screen with great resolution. It provides good viewing angles with no glares. It has a rechargeable battery, AC adapter, and power cord for the adapter. It provides great security features and has a restore disk. It comes with installed Operating System.


Gateway MX6030 delivers a brilliant performance. It is powered with 1.40 GHz Intel Celeron M processor, thereby speeding up your application performance. It has an ultra bright TFT WXGA display with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. It gives you stunning image clarity while watching entertainments or while you are working with your applications. It has an extra Intel Extreme graphics 2 processor for gaming. Another feature which improves it performance is its fast Ethernet wireless networking capabilities.

Technical Specifications

Gateway MX6030 is technically a high quality system with powerful features. It uses Intel’s Celeron 360 processor. Intel 852 GM chipset is used. It has a 60GB hard drive and a 1GB memory. Intel’s Extreme 2 graphics is used for video. A 6-cell lithium battery is used which gives a long battery life. Touchpad is used as the pointing device. It has a 15-4 inch widescreen with ultra bright features.

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