Features of Gateway® MX6440

What are the technical specifications of Gateway MX6440 notebook?

Gateway MX 6440 Notebook laptop belongs to the new generation family of Gateway MX. They are compatible to Windows Operating Systems and have wide applications in homes, industries and businesses. Gateway MX 6440 laptop has high performing speed and iscapable of doing many tasks. Best graphics is provided by this laptop. Gateway MX 6440 Notebook produces best video with stunning effects and the picture quality is high due to best resolution adopted here. Another important feature is the best video. You can enjoy films and music with mush clarity using Gateway MX6440. It has 15.4 inch wide screen for better display, and uses wireless Ethernet connection. This wireless technology gives the users quick access to Network.

The technical specifications and features of Gateway MX 6440 are given below:

  • Technical specifications

  • Best design

  • Best performance

Technical specifications

The Gateway MX 6440 Notebook has 1.8 GHz processor with AMD Turion TM 64 mobile technology. The 15.4 inch wide screen display is another attraction. It requires ATI Radeon chipset. It uses Radeon X300 based graphics. It needs 100 GB hard disk. It supports 1024 MB memory. High definition memory is offered by AC 9 7 2.3 Audio built in speakers. It introduces 4 in 1 digital media manager to manage memory sticks and MMC. It allows interfaces for 4 USB 2 ports and touch pad facility. Another requirement is 6 cells Lithium ion battery.

Best design

Gateway MX 6440 is given a very good design. The introduction of latest technologies incorporates the hardware components in a special way to occupy very less space. It is equipped with 15.4 inch wide screen display for improved performance. Enough space in hard disk is given to accommodate graphics card. So you get best graphical effects in your video. It is light weight and occupies only 5 pounds. So they are portable and easy to handle. It has ports given for connecting USB. The wireless engineering standard 802.11g helps you to get quick access of Internet and saves you from unauthorized data accessing.

Best performance

Gateway MX 6440 Notebook offers high performance to the users. They produce visual displays with much clarity and resolution. Images produced are clear. High definition audio is also provided by Gateway MX 6440 laptop. The user gets multimedia features from this computer. The entertainment opportunities provided by this machine is also excellent. You can watch TV programs by connecting your TV tuner to the laptop. Video games can be played with much ease.

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