Gateway® MX8711 Notebook

What are the various technical specifications and features of Gateway MX8711 Notebook?

Gateway MX8711 Notebook laptop is a high speed laptop with many features. They are really fast in executing tasks and it is well suited to user’s needs. The performance speed is 1.6GHz. This Notebook is excellent in providing the best graphics. The users get clear images with this laptop. Another excellent feature is the high storage capacity. It uses 100 GB hard drive and 1GBRAM. It gives room for more application software, photos, videos, documents and files. It also provides best entertainment facilities. The user can watch the favorite movies and music on this laptop. It gives DVD decoding facilities too. With this system, user can conveniently watch and record their movies on DVD. Another important feature is that it supports engineering standards like 802.11b and 802.11g so the user can send data wirelessly between computers.

Information on the features and technical specifications of Gateway MX8711 Notebook are given below:

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  • Features

  • Technical specifications


The Gateway MX8711 Notebook is impressive with its enhanced performance features. High speed Intel Pentium Dual Core T2060 processor is capable of doing tasks in less time. The users can complete their work conveniently by using this laptop. The users can use it wherever they like and can use their time effectively by using this laptop. It also helps students to finish their projects. The best graphics is an additional feature that attracts users. The users get high resolution from this Notebook laptop and so they can view high clarity images.


Gateway MX8711 laptop has many features. The most important one is the high performing speed. With this laptop the users can finish their work easily. Light weight makes this Notebook a convenient tool for users. The users can use it while travelling and execute their tasks. The best graphics and high resolution supported by this laptop help the users in getting clear and distinct images. Wireless connection enables the users to access their network easily. The best entertainment and multimedia features are also amazing. It is equipped with a large screen and the users get best display.

Technical specifications

Gateway MX8711 Notebook laptops use Intel Pentium Dual Core processor for working. It uses wide screen for display. Intel 943GML chipset is another requirement. It supports a large storage medium. The size of hard drive can go up to 100 GB. The memory needed is 1024 MB. It uses Intel Graphics Media Accelerator for video and high definition two channel for giving audio. It also requires a digital Media Manager for functioning.

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