Gateway® NV Series NV53A24u review

Product Review Summary

Gateway NV Series NV53A24u is a 15.6 inch consumer notebook. This notebook is equipped with mainstream AMD processors and entry level discrete graphic chips, targeting a gamer audience. Gateway NV Series NV53A24u laptops have the attractive design and come in black, red, blue or silver.


Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook is mainly designed for students. This laptop provides great performance and excellent battery life to attract the users. This laptop provides great storage capacity and ATI Radeon graphics provide excellent graphic experience.

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Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook features Window 7 Home Premium operating system with 64 bit and AMD Athlon Dual Core processor. The integrated ATI Radeon graphic provides good graphical support to this notebook. This notebook has got 15.6 inch display, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 320GB hard drive. These features provide a very powerful notebook that shall suit the needs of most college students. The dedicated numeric keypad can be a useful resource for you, if you are working on Excel sheets. Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook is a mid range notebook when you look at it from its price perspective. The features of these notebooks are somewhat similar to those normally found on premium notebooks. Its powerful AMD processor, DDR3 RAM, and ATI graphics will offer a better feel within an affordable range. Gateway NV Series NV53A24u is able to handle pretty much any task, you may need it for.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – AMD 880G Chipset

    Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook comes with AMD 880G chipset. The exceptionally outstanding power of AMD 880G chipset, brings good performance to this notebook. This chipset offers next generation gaming and a superior HD video experience to the users. This notebook has also got ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics, AMD 880G chipset that transforms your notebook into a digital media powerhouse.

  • FOUR – Screen

    Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook has 15.6 inch high def LED backlit with 1366 x 768 native resolutions. This feature enables you to perform high resolution games and watch movies and games.

  • THREE – Kensington Lock Slot

    Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook has got Kensington Lock Slot to protect your notebook from thefts. The Kensington lock slot lets you attach a security cable to help keep your Gateway technology safe.

  • TWO – Trendsetting design

    Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook has a trendsetting design. It comes in different colors and features a sleek honeycomb case design with accented surround and keyboard, rounded edges, and subtle hinge placement of the power button.

  • ONE –  HD Audio

    HD audio provides your Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook with the support it needs to handle the most cutting edge audio content. You will hear more of your tunes and tones, with auditory playback coming out at a higher quality than systems without high definition sound.

Gateway NV Series NV53A24u notebook is a fashionable notebook. The configuration of this NV53A24u has more aesthetic appeal than any other budget notebooks. The features of this notebook are strong enough to support and suit the needs of most of the users.