Updating BIOS of Gateway® NV52 notebook computers

Learn more to update BIOS of your Gateway NV52 notebook computer.

All computers have very large numbers of components and a service known as BIOS. This includes your Gateway NV52. BIOS checks whether all the components within your computer are working properly so that if at all some components are not working, system would not startup to cause additional damage to the hardware components. Software installed on your Gateway NV52 must be always updated. Updating the software ensures that it performs its functions in a better way as any errors or bugs within it would be removed. Even the BIOS of Gateway NV52 system must be updated. BIOS updates come as utilities that can be easily installed without any problems. Although there are no complicated procedures involved in updating BIOS of Gateway NV52, some issues might come up. These include update process freeze, update failure, error messages notifying users that the update process cannot be completed. Such problems would cause corruption of the BIOS on your Gateway NV52 and make the system inoperable. Problems when updating BIOS of Gateway NV52 is usually because of reasons such as issues with the BIOS being updated, malware infections within the system, some other service active or BIOS-incompatible hardware connected to the system during the update process and so on.

Following details give users more information regarding tips to fix and prevent issues when updating BIOS of Gateway NV52:

  • Scan and remove threats

  • Check BIOS compatibility

  • Unplug all external devices

Scan and remove threats

Malware can cause problems when updating the BIOS of your Gateway NV52 system. Malware cause problems by infecting the existing BIOS on the system and then changing its working characteristics. All Gateway NV52 users having problems when updating the BIOS of their systems are advised to scan the system thoroughly for malware and remove if any are found. Having an antivirus program with real time protection installed on the system would prevent such issues.

Check BIOS compatibility

Different computer models have different BIOS requirements. Installing or updating the BIOS of your Gateway NV52 with an incompatible version of BIOS can cause many problems including rendering your system inoperable. Gateway NV52 users are therefore suggested to check the compatibility, type specification and version of BIOS before updating to prevent such problems. Replacing the BIOS causing the issue with a different correct one would solve exiting problems with the update process.

Unplug all external devices

Your Gateway NV52 might be connected to many external devices such as webcams, gamepads or printers. BIOS settings of the existing BIOS might be configured to access these devices and updating the BIOS with such devices plugged in would cause issues. Such problems can be solved and prevented by unplugging all devices and then carrying out the update process.

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