Features of Gateway® Solo 5150 Laptop

Discuss the features of Gateway Solo 5150 Laptop.

Gateway Solo 5150 Laptop is one among the laptops in Solo series from Gateway. It has many salient features that makes it better among its class. It carries Intel Pentium 2 processor that ensures better computing speed. The 14.1 inch TFT display and 6.6 lbs weight makes it portable for travelling. The Li-ion battery of 49.95 watt hour capacity gives a good back up time of around three hours with a relatively short battery charging time of four hours. It has got a system memory capacity of 32MB on-board RAM. Neomagic 256 AV video with 2.5 MB memory gives a good video experience. The other features include 16-bit wavetable audio and stereo speakers, PCMCIA, Card bus and USB port, Unique docking solution with port replicator, mini docking station and full docking station. All these makes the Gateway Solo 5150 a fully featured laptop that can compete with all the laptop of its class successfully.

Following is the comparison of Gateway Solo 5150 Laptop with other models of same series:

  • Comparison with 5300

  • Comparison with 5100

  • Comparison with 5350

Comparison with 5300

Gateway Solo 5300 is the latest laptop of Solo series. It has a slightly better processor Pentium 3 from Intel than Pentium 2 of 5150 with Synchronous DRAM system memory and option for expansion. Gateway Solo 5300 comes with 12.1 and 14.1 inch options of LCD display. It is more lighter than Gateway Solo 5150 with a weight of 4.6 lbs for 12.1-inch display and 5.5 lbs for 14.1-inch display. It has Li-ion battery models of 8 cells and 6 cells with capacities of 53.3 and 40.0 watt hour respectively.

Comparison with 5100

As the series number represents, Gateway Solo 5100 is an early version than Gateway Solo 5150. It also comes up with Pentium 2 processor with tape carrier packaging. It has 14.1-inch TFT display with 9 cell Li-ion battery of 38.8 watt hour capacity, which is slightly less than Gateway Solo 5150. Gateway Solo 5100 is comparatively heavier than Gateway Solo 5150 with a small difference of 6 ounce. Both the models have same docking system, while differs with their processor BIOS, that is, Gateway Solo 5100 is built-in with Phoenix Plug and Play Note BIOS with DMI 2.0 support.

Comparison with 5350

Gateway Solo 5350 is one among the latest laptop in the Solo series. It comes up with processor options of Intel Celeron, Pentium 3 and Intel micro- PGA2 packaging that differs from Gateway Solo 5150. It also has different processor BIOS that is Phoenix Plug-and-Play Note BIOS with 512 KB Flash ROM memory. Gateway Solo 5350 has 12.1-inch and 14.1-inch TFT LCD display options with S3 savage multi display accelerator graphics card. This laptop from Gateway has 8 cell and 6 cell Li-ion battery options with 53.3 and 40.0 Watt hour capacity. Gateway Solo 5350 is lighter than Gateway Solo 5150 with a weight of 4.6 lbs and 5.5 lbs with respect to the display size and number of cells used in the battery.

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