Details and functions of BIOS on Gateway® Solo 5300

What are the functions of BIOS? How do you BIOS on Gateway Solo 5300?

Gateway Solo 5300 is a thin, lightweight corporate notebook that is available at a reasonable price. Gateway Solo 5300 comes in silver-and-black trim. The hard drive is essential for swapping, upgrading, or storage, and provides a composite video-out connection. Gateway Solo 5300 notebook provides Intel LANDesk Client Manager Software for managing the Gateway Solo 5300 on a network. It also includes an electronic manual and GoBack which is a utility that restores your system to its previous settings. BIOS is the program a personal computers microprocessor uses in order to start a computer system after turning on. It also manages data flow between the computers Operating System and attached devices such as the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard, mouse, and printer.

Function of BIOS and things to keep in mind while using BIOS on Gateway Solo 5300:

  • To start basic system components

  • Boots your system

  • Things to be kept in mind

To start basic system components

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. The major function of the BIOS is to identify, check and to start the basic system components on your system. These basic system components include hard drive, video card, monitor, keyboard etc. BIOS are stored on a ROM chip on the motherboard in most modern computers. BIOS also provides the processor with the information required to boot the system from a storage unit.

Boots your system

BIOS boots up or starts your computer, first of all it verifies whether all of the attachments are in correct place and is ready to function. After that, it loads the operating system or key parts of it onto your computers RAM from your hard disk or diskette drive.
Things to be kept in mind

Gateway comes with many different types of desktop and laptop computers. In order to access the BIOS option, you need to press the 'F1' or 'F2' key immediately when the computer starts. You need to continue pressing these keys until BIOS opens or the computer boots into Windows. If the computer boots to Windows, you need to repeat the process using the other 'F' keys.
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