Importance of drivers for Gateway® Solo 5300

Why do you need drivers for Gateway Solo 5300? What are the different drivers needed for Gateway Solo 5300?

Gateway Solo 5300 is a lightweight laptop. This laptop comes with a silver and black case. Processor options available in Gateway Solo 5300 are an Intel Pentium III CPU with a speed of 100MHz Front Side Bus. Memory expansion options included in Gateway Solo 5300 are 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256MB of SDRAM modules in any combination. The hard drive is convenient for quick swapping, upgrading, or storage. Gateway Solo 5300 includes a composite video-out connection that makes the notebook into a TV or another big screen for presentations. The laptop also consists of a well located battery gauge, mouse buttons that help you to launch applications. Device drivers are installed on a system in order to allow access for hardware both for you and your application programs.

Here are the different drivers that need to be installed on Gateway Solo 5300:

  • Audio driver

  • Video driver

  • Printer driver

Audio driver

In order to hear sounds that are produced by your system, you need to install an audio driver or sound card driver that is compatible with your Operating System. The driver converts high-level programming commands that are generated by the application program in to low-level device dependent codes. Audio drivers accept these commands and convert them into a group of low-level device specific commands.

Video driver

A video card on Gateway Solo 5300 is a hardware component that is responsible for processing images that you want to display on your system. In order to make the video card function properly on your system, you need to install a video driver on your system. You also need to update your video driver in Gateway Solo 5300 for the video card to work properly.

Printer driver

Printer drivers provide a link between the system and the printer and avoid confusion on the system. Usually the printer will come with a driver disc at the time of purchase. It will be the best suited driver for the printer. If you are not provided with the driver disc, then you need to download and install printer drivers from the manufacturers website itself.

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