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The Gateway® SX2300 desktop has a sleek, compact design that utilizes very little desk space. It is configured with the Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system and 4GB RAM memory. It enables effortless multitasking and easy running of the latest multi-threaded applications. It includes a TV tuner and the AMD Phenom triple-core processor so that the user can enjoy crystal-clear digital media entertainment.


It includes NVIDIA® GeForce® 8200 graphics card supported by DirectX® 10.0. This allows the users to experience extraordinary performance and film-quality gaming effects. The operating system helps the user to create a home network and share photos, videos, and music. It can be used to watch and record live television with the presence of a Hybrid TV tuner.

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This desktop enables the user to create a default backup disk, and a application and driver backup disk to restore the system to the factory default settings. It includes a digital device deck that holds MP3 player, camera, and other technology. It has a ‘Photo Frame’ button that allows quick access to the digital pictures and an ‘Eject’ button to allow the optical disk drive to make a quick switch between movies and games. It also includes multi-in-one media card reader to transfer the files from digital devices, USB, and audio ports.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Data Recovery

    This PC helps the user to create a default backup disk and a application and driver backup disk. It helps to restore the system to factory default, and reinstall applications and drivers. It enables the management of password settings and data access from the factory recovery disk.

  • FOUR – Connectivity and Expansion

    This desktop includes 9 USB 2.0 ports that allow the user to connect a wide range of peripherals, like digital cameras and MP3 players. It has 1 FireWire port to connect digital camcorders and other devices. It includes five audio ports for all surround sound and two PS/ports for connecting keyboard and mouse.

  • THREE – Advanced eSATA port

    This desktop includes next generation eSATA port that is combined with one of the USB ports for a high data transfer speed of 3GB per second. It doubles the bus bandwidth for high-speed data retrieval that saves a lot of time. It enables easy sharing and transfer of entertainment content and digital media to external devices.

  • TWO – Advanced Processor

    Gateway® SX2300 has 2.20 GHz AMD Phenom 2X3 triple-core 8550 processor that enables multitasking. It allows the users to enjoy movies, music, and games with amazing clarity and color. It has an integrated memory controller, and the shared L3 cache allows the processor to have low-latency access to main memory for speedy system response.

  • ONE –  Simplicity of viewing

    This desktop allows the user to enjoy next generation video playback with the HDMI® output. It allows a single cable to transfer high-definition audio and video to the digital TV or external monitor. The user can watch and record live television with the hybrid TV tuner. It enables the user to do all this with a Media Center remote control.

Gateway® SX2300 is a compact desktop that has Windows® 7 Home Premium, which helps the user to create a home network and share photos, videos, and music. The user can also watch free shows at any time with Internet TV. It includes nine USB 2.0 ports to support peripheral devices simultaneously.

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