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Gateway® SX 2800 Series are budget PCs with around $520 price. It’s a slim and stylish desktop PC that fits anywhere at your home. Its features includes a Core™ 2 Quad processor, large 640GB hard disk drive, 4GB of cutting-edge DDR3 memory, a DVD burner, a multiform at card reader, HDMI® output, and a boatload of external expansion ports. The operating system used in this series is 64-bit Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium SP1. It also has the digital device holder, eSATA and IEEE 1394a Firewire.


It provides entertainment and good quality digital photography. It is equipped with digital photo frame button with which users can save lots of digital photos. It also has SPDIF port for digital audio connections, which makes the Gateway® SX2800 a good choice for home theater use. You can burn music, videos, and presentations with the help of system’s DVD drive.

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Gateway® SX 2800 Series series is just one third of the size of traditional PCs. It is packed with powerful punch. It uses the latest Intel® processor technology, Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD graphics solution to deliver truly dynamic and enjoyable digital entertainment. A multi-in-one card reader, nine USB 2.0 ports, and loads of storage space further extend the appeal of this small-but-potent PC. The operating system used in this PC is 64-bit Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium. It consumes only one-third the space on your desk.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Performance

    The Gateway® SX 2800 Series offers wide variety of processor speed ranging from an Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor up to the new, advanced Intel® Core™ i3-530 Processor. The graphics from Intel® or NVIDIA® delivers impressive 3D, and HDMI® supports exceptional high-definition viewing on large displays and big-screen TVs. It has an expandable memory of 8 GB.

  • FOUR – Design

    Its sleek and compact design delivers high performance to the user. It is fairly solid, being a standard mix of lightweight metal on the important bits and glossy black plastic covering the front and top. It belongs to the small form factor (SFF) category at around 11 by 4 by 14 inches. It has a lot of internal expansion room (RAM DIMM slotand and a PCIe x16 half-height slot. There are nine USB ports, one FireWire, and one eSATA port for additional peripherals.

  • THREE – Energy efficient

    The Gateway® SX 2800 Series desktop PC series is not a power hungry desktop series. It consumes very less energy. At idle, the machine only pulls down 49 – 52 watts of power. Under load it consumes 70 and 90 watts of electricity. This series is considered to be the most energy efficient computers.

  • TWO – Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader

    With the help of multi-in-one digital media card reader you can transfer video and photos from your digital camera. It recognizes a variety of formats. There is single touch photo frame button that helps you to turn your monitor into a slideshow of your favorite photos.

  • ONE –  eSATA

    It is hot-swappable option designed for super-fast, super-reliable data transfer from external mass storage devices to the system. It provides fast data transfer to the computer.

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