Gateway® SX 2800-Series Memory Upgrade

How does upgrading the memory of Gateway® SX2800 series notebook improve its performance?

Whether you are playing games or running other applications, the Intel Core Quad processor helps you to increase the performance of Gateway SX2800 series notebook. In this series Windows 7 is pre-installed and also gives you 4GB memory space. The Intel Clear Video Technology with the graphics card combines video processing software and hardware to enhance the visual experience. Intel HD graphics card ensures sharper images and life-like video and audio. This series of system can read memory cards from the digital camera, camcorders and all other advanced technologies. Memory upgradation is the process of increasing the memory capacity from the current level. This upgradation in memory helps you to increase the system’s performance. Random Access Memory or RAM is the memory space which stores all the data of your system. If the load is increased, the RAM memory can fail to handle all the data. This decreases the performance of your Gateway SX2800 series notebook. Moreover, insufficient memory results in system crashing, failure, freezing or hang-up. The virtual memory is temporary storage space and this has only limited capacity. Less amount of data can be stored in this area. Thus, memory upgradation is needed to store more data and to increase the system’s performance.

The following points include information on how memory upgradation of Gateway SX2800 series notebook increases its performance :

  • Advanced hardware and software

  • Improvement in data access

  • Impact on the system

  • Easy multitasking

Advanced hardware and software

By increasing the memory space through upgradation, you can add more advanced software and hardware on your system. Sometimes, you do not install various software programs because of the insufficient memory space. But by upgrading the memory, you can as many programs as you want to.

Improvement in data access

Greater memory space will automatically improve the data access time. If more space is available in the memory, the data is arranged more freely and this helps to access the data instantly. Hence, the speed of the system will not slow down.

Impact on the system

Memory upgradation always helps you to increase the system’s performance. There is less amount of load on the system’s memory. Hence, the performance of your Gateway SX2800 series notebook boosts.

Easy multitasking

Multitasking capacity relies greatly on the memory capacity. Only better memory space can give you better performance in the concurrently running programs. You can also do multitasking efficiently if the memory is upgraded on your system.

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