Gateway® SX2800 Series Restore

Restoration of Gateway® SX2800 notebooks to factory settings

Gateway® SX2800 series desktops are a combination of performance and features all wrapped up in a design that fully embraces the merits of a slim tower system. It is suitable for anyone looking for a fast, affordable desktop for the home office, the living room, or anywhere in between. Cutting-edge features make it completing your tasks and enjoying multimedia. You can enjoy easy access, robust performance, huge storage, plus ample connectivity and expandability with your Gateway® SX2800 series desktops. Restoring factory settings in your Gateway® SX2800 means getting the computer back to the state when you first bought it. This includes the OS with all the third-party software they like to install with it. You need to restore your system to factory defaults due to various reasons. Errors might occur due to some malware attack, or installation error, harmful changes to the settings, or accidental deletion of an important system file. You can fix these errors by restoring the Gateway® SX2800 series desktops to factory settings.

Consequences of restoring a system to its factory default are as follows :

  • Getting rid of spyware

  • Loss of data from hard drive

  • Removal of drivers

Getting rid of spyware

Spyware are programs which get installed on your computer and collect bits of information about you, each time you use the system. You can protect your system from the malware attacks by performing system restore to its factory default settings. Restoring a computer to its original factory settings also cleans up the local drive and removes all the viruses and old programs that slow down a computer’s performance and make it non-responsive.

Loss of data from hard drive

You will lose all the data saved on the system after system restore. System restore will make the system go back to a previous session. So the system files and applications installed after that period will be deleted. You will lose your favorite programs and files like pictures, music and documents after the date of system restoration. This could be voided if you have a backup copy of all the necessary data stored for future use, before restoring the system settings to factory default.

Removal of drivers

All the data and software programs saved on the system might be lost forever when you perform system restore. You will lose the driver software files needed for the effective functioning of the peripheral devices installed in your Gateway® SX2800 series. You need to reinstall the drivers of Gateway® SX2800 series desktops for the proper functioning of the devices after system restore.

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