Review on Gateway® SX2801 desktop

Product Review Summary

Gateway SX2801 desktop is an entry level desktop computer produced by Gateway. Gateway SX2801 computer comes with a dual core processor, DDR3 memory and a large capacity hard drive. Intel offers the graphics, which is built into the system itself. Gateway SX2801 computer is very similar to the more powerful Gateway SX2801 05e computer, which also contains a TV tuner with remote control.


Gateway SX2801 desktop computer is one of the slim tower systems available in the market. The compact design and the HDMI port on this machine make it simple to use in the living room. Gateway SX2801 is a powerful, flexible and cost effective desktop computer from Gateway. The size of this computer is very small and it offers multitasking performance.

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Gateway SX2801 desktop computer is powered by the latest Intel Pentium Dual Core processor at 2.8 GHz speed. The computer has 6 GB of DDR3 memory and 1 TB of hard drive storage. Gateway SX2801 desktop computer is compatible with the latest version of Windows Operating System named Windows 7. This computer also comes equipped with a number software packages. For better visual appearance, Gateway SX2801 computer contains an integrated Intel GMA X4500 high definition graphics card. However, users can upgrade the graphics with the available PCI E x 16 card slot. For expansion purposes, this desktop computer includes 9 individual USB 2.0 ports. Video from Gateway SX2801 computer can be seen on a high definition television over HDMI.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Strength

    With the high speed Intel Pentium Dual Core processor and 6 GB DDR3 of memory, Gateway SX2801 is a good desktop computer for the price. A powerful 1 TB of hard drive space is packed in to this machine, making this computer a brilliant combination of beauty and strength all in one package. Gateway SX2801 does not take much desk space.

  • FOUR – Design

    Gateway SX2801 is a slim tower desktop computer and is mainly designed for business purposes. A commercial black with a sleek bezel on the front cover of the machine looks good, sleek and fashionable. This computer can do almost anything from office work to casual games and Internet browsing to high definition multimedia. You can place this desktop computer in any small area.

  • THREE – Extra features

    Gateway SX2801 desktop computer is intended to be a powerful and all around computing platform. This desktop computer comes with a number of new features that would make it a great heavy duty work, entertainment or family system. Some additional features of this machine include a 16x DVD drive, Intel GMA X4500 graphics card, Dolby home theater, high definition audio and a HDMI port.

  • TWO – Benefits

    Gateway SX2801 computer is the ideal desktop model for anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, stylish and powerful computer for the home or office. If you need some extra power with this machine, you can always upgrade the memory to a maximum of 8 GB. Connectivity wise, Gateway SX2801 computer has 9 USB ports, 1 fire wire port and 1 eSATA port.

  • ONE –  Better performance

    Gateway SX2801 desktop computer is mainly developed for serious work or play. The 6 GB of memory will allow for a dreamy multitasking experience and the 1 TB hard disc capacity will provide enough storage for many years to come. Like most Gateway desktop computer systems, Gateway SX2801 desktop computer remains to be very affordable despite its specs.

If you are in the market for a new desktop computer with a reasonable price, Gateway SX2801 desktop computer is an excellent choice. Gateway SX2801 computer offers a set of additional features compared to many other desktop computers.