Gateway® SX2840 Series Network Controller

Learn more about network controllers for Gateway® SX2840 Series desktops.

A network controller provides the essential hardware interface to a computer network, thereby allowing the network-capable device to connect with the network. In other words, a network controller is a hardware component which enables computer systems to communicate with other systems that share the same network. The device is designed to communicate information and data from one system to another.

There are a few things which you need to keep in mind while dealing with network controllers :

  • How does a network controller work?

  • Which network controller works with the new Gateway® SX2840 Series desktops?

  • How to get the right drivers for your network controller?

How does a network controller work?

Each hardware component has a unique number, generally known as the MAC (Media Access Control) address which is printed onto the ROM chip. The MAC recognizes the unique MAC number on the LAN.

Though, earlier, a separate network controller hardware device was needed to connect two or more systems, now most of the computer systems come with an integrated network controller chip embedded in the motherboard. Although there are other network controllers available in the market, Ethernet has gained a near-monopoly with almost all the new systems coming with an Ethernet chipset in the computer motherboard. All the new computer systems come with the network interface built into the motherboard with no use of a separate network card. However, a separate network controller is required while using multiple interfaces or a different network other than the one provided with your chip.

Which network controller works with the new Gateway® SX2840 Series desktops?

The new Gateway® SX2840 Series desktops run on Intel® H57 Express Chipset which gives it high quality and speedy performance. The 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 port) gives it high-speed connectivity.

How to get the right drivers for your network controller?

Sometimes, even though the network controller might be in good condition, the hardware does not work unless you get your hands on a driver which is compatible with the operating system. In order to get the correct driver, you need to either put Windows® Update on ‘Automatic Mode’, which enables Windows® to automatically suggest you the requisite drivers, or if that doesn’t work, you can visit your system manufacturer’s website to get the upgraded version of the driver.

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