Features of Gateway® Tablet PC

Product Review Summary

Gateway tablet PC is an ultra portable notebook. Gateway tablet PC is and has touchscreen capability. Gateway tablet PC gives great utility to its users. Gateway tablet PC provides excellent security measures and has got the new feature of handwriting recognition.


Gateway tablet PC is mainly designed for mobile professionals. It has dual functionality. Gateway tablet PC also provides wireless network connections and it is easy to carry while traveling.

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Gateway tablet PC has Intel Pentium M 1.0GHz Ultra Low Voltage Processor that allows you to perform number of applications at the same time. It is compatible with Windows XP operating system. Gateway tablet PC is developed with 12.1 inch XGA Touch Screen LCD and this provides excellent clarity. It has a number of ports, such as one fire wire port, 2 USB ports and one type II PC Card slot. It has got an Intel Extreme 2 Graphics with 64MB of Shared Memory. Gateway tablet PC includes Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Symantec Client Security. It provides Bluetooth, Ethernet, modem and wireless LAN.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Hot Key Function

    In Gateway tablet PC, buttons are there for functions like locking the computer, to switch users to change password and to shut down completely. Other keys are for changing the screen display while using in the tablet mode. Other keys are for quick access to mobility center settings. To turn Wi-Fi off and on, one key is used.

  • FOUR – Screen

    Gateway tablet PC screen can display 16 million colors at 1024 x 768 resolutions. Gateway tablet PC has got 12.1 inch display which provides greater sharpness and brightness compared to other LCD model laptops. It also provides a better angle view. It provides a crystal clear quality to the display.

  • THREE – Handwriting Recognition

    Handwriting recognition is an important feature in Gateway tablet PC. Handwriting recognition is inbuilt in the operating system and it can be used with any application and this is useful for people with poor handwriting. Pocket PC users can also use the character recognizer along with cursive writing.

  • TWO – Docking Station

    In Gateway tablet PC docking station is hard and strong; it is made of plastic and is heavy. Gateway tablet PC docking station includes many ports; one is USB up front, and 2 other USB ports: audio ports then one for power then one Ethernet port; then one port for fire wire and VGA port and also DVD drive.

  • ONE –  Speakers

    Gateway tablet PC provides better speakers compared to other laptops. The speakers in Gateway tablet PC provide good quality of sound. It helps to enhance video conferencing. Speakers help to boost up the sound. In Gateway tablet PC headphone jack is also there. The speakers are positioned in front of the laptop.

Gateway tablet PC is suitable for all types of users. Gateway tablet PC has an excellent docking station. Gateway tablet PC has long lasting battery life.