Gateway® W350A Laptop

What are the features of Gateway W350A laptops? What do you know about their performance and technical specifications?

Gateway offers the users a wide range of computers and peripherals with high-end technology. Gateway product line ranges from desktop computers to latest tablet PCs. The laptops offered by Gateway are well-known for the high end technology inbuilt in them. Gateway W350A is one of the laptop models. This laptop series is provided with some excellent hardware components that could offer the users outstanding performance. Gateway W350A is equipped with the features that many users expected from a mid-range laptop. These laptop computers are acceptable for their affordability and they are designed primarily focusing the users in mind. The Gateway W350A is packed in a sleek, gorgeous design and could do almost all the tasks that the laptop users might need to do. This laptop is loaded with a processor of Turion with AMD technology and a speed of 2 GHz. The memory installed in this computer series is of 2GB. The hard disk capacity of Gateway W350A laptop series is 240GB.

Following are details regarding the performance and features of Gateway W350A Laptop:

  • Gorgeous design

  • Excellent media capabilities

  • Overall performance

Gorgeous design

Gateway W350A laptop is equipped with an excellent display feature. The Gateway W350A laptop has two color schemes . The computers come in a red casing with a black keyboard and in a black casing with a silver keyboard. The casing is provided with a shiny polished finish that could catch the eye and looks graceful. The laptop is installed with a small footprint with just a 14-inch monitor. This laptop weighs only 9 pounds which makes it lightweight and portable.

Excellent media capabilities

Gateway W350A laptop could provide brilliant media capabilities. W350A laptop is provided with two USB ports permitting the connection of a mouse with a webcam or an external hard drive. It also has an audio system embedded in it, making it effortless to plug in a set of external speakers or a microphone for online chat. The display feature is also attractive with crystal clear image display. This feature makes it ideal for pleasurable movie viewing. The internal modem equipped in this series makes connecting to the Internet simple by using wireless technology.

Overall performance

The W350A laptop is provided with an AMD Turion 64 processor that could run at a speed of 2 GHz. It is also equipped with a memory capacity of 2GB. Thus, the combination of processor and memory makes the laptops speedy in using the Internet and for multitasking. The internal hard drive offers 240 GB of storage. Thus, Gateway W350A laptop becomes appropriate for a suitable collection of programs, documents, and multimedia files.

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