Gateway® ZX Series Review

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Gateway ZX series desktops is featured with the Touch media share, high definition webcam and microphone, touch music options, turbo boost, touch memo and touch photo show, b/g/n certified WiFi, DDR3 memory, options for organizing photos and better processing speed. The device also includes the Windows 7 Operating System. The Intel and AMD processor technologies are other important features of the Gateway ZX series desktops.


Gateway ZX series desktops offer all-in-one functionality in the single design. The Windows 7 touch screen feature is better used in the desktop with the help of the multi-touch feature provided with the device. The connectivity options help the users to keep in touch with the world. The touch functionality enables the users to view photos and listen to music using a single touch screen.

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Gateway ZX series desktops are all-in-one devices that are featured with a multi-touch technology. The different models of the Gateway ZX series desktops differ in processor technology, memory, and hard disk capacity. The Gateway ZX4300 and ZX4351 desktops use the AMD Athlon II X2 or X4 processors. The Gateway ZX4800, ZX4931, ZX4951, ZX6800, ZX6900 etc uses the Intel Pentium technology for processing. 3 to 8 GB DDR3 memory is used by the desktops which helps the users to involve in the multi-tasking features. The Intel Pentium core i3 or core i5 or Quad processors are used in the above devices. The hard disk capacity also differs in the various models of the Gateway ZX series desktops. The Gateway ZX4351 series desktops use 1 TB hard disk with eco-friendly features. The various other specifications of the hard disk include 640 GB for Gateway ZX4300, upto 750 GB for ZX4800 series, 500 GB to 1 TB for ZX4951 series etc. All the Gateway ZX series desktop models provide Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System support.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Touch screenGateway ZX series desktops are known as the multi-touch devices due to the multi-gesture touch screen functionality included in the device. The desktops are designed with the touch screen technology along with the support of Windows 7 Operating System since the Operating System is featured with the touch screen facility. The user can zoom, rotate, flick and scroll with the finger tips for opening and closing windows, viewing photos etc.
  • FOUR – High performance processorsGateway ZX series desktops offer high performance due to the presence of the AMD and Intel processors. Both the AMD and Intel processors are used by the desktop configurations. The Gateway ZX4300 and ZX4351 desktops are configured with the AMD Athlon processors. The Intel Pentium processor technologies are used in the configurations of the desktops like the Gateway ZX4800, ZX6800, ZX6900, ZX4951, ZX4931 etc with the help of the core i3, core i5 and quad 2 technologies.
  • THREE – DesignGateway ZX series desktops are designed and released in two styles that offer stunning looks. The touch screen facility along with the Windows 7 Operating System features provides the users with the well designed environment experience. The desktops are available in three screen sizes like 21â€, 21.5†and 23â€. The Gateway ZX series desktops also features a stylish and space saving design.
  • TWO – Graphics optionsGateway ZX series desktops offers high graphics support to the users with choice of three screen sizes. The high definition display of the desktops is enhanced with the help of the sharp and bright colors. Some of the selected models of the Gateway ZX series desktops provide resolution upto 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • ONE –  Technologies usedWindows 7 Operating System is included in the Gateway ZX series desktops with the multi-touch technology. The AMD and Intel processor technologies provide better performance. Leading edge technologies are used in the design of the desktops with the HD screen and the Blue ray disc drive. The DDR3 memory supports multitasking options. Advanced Intel technologies like the Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technologies are also included in the ZX series desktops.

Gateway ZX series desktops are all-in-one machines with multi-touch functionalities. Windows 7 Operating System support Intel or AMD technologies which help the users to work better on the desktop.