Gateway® Zx4300 Series Desktop Review

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Gateway® ZX4300-series is a 20” widescreen PC that looks gorgeous and consumes less space. It gives a perfect solution to all users who prefer AMD processors. It is installed with Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium Operating System and AMD Athlon™ dual-core processor. It includes 4096 MB DDR3 Dual-Channel 1333MHz memory.


This PC has a 20” HD wide screen with multi-touch display with a superior quality of 1600X900 resolution for a perfect clarity and ease in use. It has an optical drive of 8X DVD SuperMulti Double-Layer Drive that increases the functionality of this system. It is ideal for movies, games and general computing.

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Gateway® ZX4300-series comes up with sleek design and modern touch-screen to provide beautiful outlook and simplicity of work to the users. It has HD wide screen that makes it a perfect home entertainment center and are more suitable for small rooms, home office, dorm and even in kitchen. It has a large storage capacity of 640 GB SATA hard-drive that makes it more suitable for medium to large business organizations to store data. It includes TV tuners and faster AMD processors. It has 6 USB 2.0 ports and wireless keyboard and mouse. The presence of integrated Wi-Fi™ network compatibility enables the user to get the network access without any issues. The response time is excellent of just 5 minutes. It is also configured with multi-in-one digital media card reader.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Storage capacity

    This PC has a large storage capacity of 640GB SATA hard-drive that enables the business users to store large amount of data of any capacity which can be retrieved for future reference.

  • FOUR – Perfect Entertainer

    The presence of HD widescreen and a high resolution of 1600 X 900 make it a perfect entertainer center which is more compatible just like TV for small rooms, dorms and home office. It has a sleek, glossy flat-panel TV with modern luxurious industrial design.

  • THREE – Less space usage

    This PC is more ideal for locations, where the space is the constraint. It uses smaller, less powerful notebook components that do not require more space. It provides a stylish and space-saving design to the users.

  • TWO – Touch Screen

    This PC comes with touch screen functionality that provides fun and allows the user to interact with music, videos, photos and social networks in a more exciting manner. The user can launch the applications like movies and music and can zoom the photos with just one touch.

  • ONE –  High definition sound

    The user can enjoy the sound with more clarity due to the presence of high-definition audio with 2.1 channel support. It also includes built-in 5W stereo speakers that make the PC a perfect multimedia system.

Gateway® ZX4300 is a great notebook with many multimedia features and Wi-Fi™ connectivity. The notebook is perfect for business professionals and students and allows to quickly carry out a variety of computing tasks.

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