Gateway® ® One ZX4300 Series Recovery Management

What is the role of Gateway® recovery management in Gateway® One ZX4300 Series and when is recovery system required?

Gateway® recovery management is a method by which users can restore their systems to factory condition. This can come either in the form of CDs/ DVDS or part of partition. Computers are very sensitive machines and they also can crash any time. There are number of reasons for a computer to crash. System recovery is generally required when the system has encountered a serious error, gets infected with a bad malware, user has deleted a key system file, etc. This is applicable to Gateway® One ZX4300 Series notebooks too. If your Gateway® One ZX4300 Series notebook crashed; recovery can be done to get your system back to working condition.

Following tips provided below will give the users more information about Gateway® recovery management on Gateway® One ZX4300 Series notebook :

  • Reinstall drivers/applications

  • Enable system back to normal condition

  • Keep the system clean

Reinstall drivers/applications

Gateway® recovery management lets the user reinstall the applications/drivers that were present at the time of purchase of Gateway® One ZX4300 Series notebook. It should be noted that only default drivers and applications can be recovered this way and not the ones user installed. This is especially useful in case user has uninstalled an application by mistake or installed a driver to replace the original which causes errors/issues.

Enable system back to normal condition

If your Gateway® One ZX4300 Series notebook crashed and you need an immediate and fast method to get it back to working condition then Gateway® recovery management is the ideal solution. This tool comes handy especially in cases where customer is away from home and if the system crashes, user can get it back to working without searching for authorized service centers.

Keep the system clean

Gateway® recovery management provided with Gateway® One ZX4300 Series notebook ensures that if the system gets infected with a bad malware or suffers a serious error; system can be restored without leaving any trace of the malware/ error. This also helps the user install antivirus on a ‘clean system’ to avoid further problems with infection.

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