Gateway® Zx4800 Series Desktop Review

Product Review Summary

You can experience a new kind of computing with Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops. In order to support multitouch media management tools, they come factory-installed with Windows® 7 operating system. It offers mind blowing performance without affecting your budget. Gateway® One ZX4800 Series is created to suit every user”s pocket. The systems of this series feature an integrated Intel® GMA X4500 graphics card and a 4 GB of DDR2 RAM.


Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops come in a high industrial layout and make the users stick to the system for long. The systems of this series also provide simple and easy to learn options and users who are familiar with computers can learn operating the Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops very easily. Its eye catching style attracts the users giving them a more friendly way of computing. User-friendly interface in this machine enables users to work more freely and in a simple manner.

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Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops come with 20 inch display that operates at a resolution of 1600X900. It is powered by a Intel® PentiumT Dual CoreT processor and runs at a speed of 2.1 GHZ. The Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops also come with good pack of speakers that provides a high quality sound with excellent range of lows and highs.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium

    Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system makes things easier to implement and simplifies operations. It can make the boot time faster and allows operating the way the user wants. This operating system also helps in improving the overall performance of the Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops.

  • FOUR – HD stereo system

    Gateway® ZX4800 Series notebooks give the most cutting edge audio content with integrated 5-way speaker system. This gives out a high quality sound with auditory playback. It also supports all the audio formats to be played.

  • THREE – Sleek design

    Its sleek design feels like integrating PC and monitor into one. The system gives you a perfect viewing angle by adjusting the arching back stand. The wireless keyboard and mouse makes things clutter free.

  • TWO – 20 Inch ultra-bright wide screen

    This ultra-bright LCD gives you perfect sharp images in a resolution of 1600×1900. It enhances your gaming experience, graphic creations and productivity programs.

  • ONE – Intel® graphics media accelerator

    It offers excellent performance while running audio and video files. Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops are equipped with 4500 series of Intel® media graphics accelerator that provides you with dynamic video memory of around 1 GB.

Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktops have a hard drive capacity of 720GB which offers large capacity storage space. Their top notch functionality makes the systems of this series work to their full potentials. It is a competitive series that has posed a serious threat to other leading brands in the industry.

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