Gateway® One ZX4800 Series Memory Upgrade

Does upgrading the memory improves your Gateway® One ZX4800 Series performance?

Memory determines the speed at which your system operates and efficiency at which it can multi-task your work. Latest games and software require more memory than ever before, therefore it is important that memory of your Gateway® One ZX4800 Series be upgraded so that you can work with these new products with ease. Memory is one of the fundamental components on your Gateway® One ZX4800 Series desktop. Earlier, memory upgrades were usually required for gamers, but now even simple video or image editing software have become more memory consuming and require regular memory upgrade to function properly and efficiently.

Upgrading the memory will improve your systems’ performance in the following ways :

  • Optimized Windows® XP processing

  • Avoids system slowdowns

  • Faster web surfing

  • Network enhancement

  • Enables smooth and easy multitasking

Optimized Windows® XP processing

Before meeting these requirements you should make sure that the system is configured for maximum performance with Windows® XP. Therefore, increase in memory will result in smooth functioning of your OS. You can enjoy all the available features by optimizing the performance with a memory upgrade in your notebook. It enables enhanced gaming, multimedia, and Internet capabilities.

Faster web surfing

Memory upgrade can help your browser display pages faster. When your system can store more data in memory, it can work with more multiple tabs and browser windows at the same time.

Avoids system slow downs

The more memory you have, more programs can be opened at one point of time. Memory upgrades help the system to avoid bottlenecking effects when high memory applications are running. This additional memory avoids system to resort to hard drive for more memory. Therefore performing memory upgrade will avoid your system slowing down.

Network enhancement

After memory upgrade, systems connected to a network can notice an immediate boost in the network capabilities. Users who use graphics and printing items can look forward for a memory upgrade to make their activities faster.

Enables smooth and easy multitasking

It is all about opening several applications at once. At the same time you can also enjoy spectacular gaming experience with the help of memory upgrade. It gives your system an extra boost, so it doesn't have to use the hard drive to manage data. With memory upgrade you can open several applications at the same time and switch between them frequently. A memory upgrade is important for smooth and effortless multitasking.

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