Gateway® ZX4800-Series Recovery

What is the role played by recovery management in Gateway® ZX4800 series?

Recovery management means managing recovery process of your system. You might need many type of recovery in your system. You might need data recovery, operating system recovery, hardware recovery etc. The recovery is needed when you lose some data in your system. You might need to format the hard disk to remove virus completely or to make space available in hard disk. Before formatting, you must create a backup. But, you might not be able to create a backup every time. Using Gateway® recovery management, you can create a backup of data in your system and can copy it to a DVD. You can use this DVD to install your data as well as operating system again. The Gateway® ZX4800 series does not include a backup of operating system in the hard disk. So, you can use the Gateway® recovery management to copy the operating system and re-install it when your system crashes. The actual role of such recovery management programs comes in your system under adverse conditions like loss of operating system, drivers, malware threats and much more.

The Gateway® recovery management has some roles in Gateway® ZX4800 series. The roles are:

  • Creating backup

  • Restoring to factory default

  • Setting security

Creating backup

The Gateway® recovery management is used to create a backup of all data in your system. The recovery includes operating system, drivers and application files. The backup includes complete factory installation. The Gateway® recovery management creates another backup, which includes applications and drivers only in your Gateway® ZX4800 series system. The backup is then copied to a DVD or CD for further use.

Restoring to factory default

As you are working with Gateway® ZX4800 series, you might need a system restore at any time. You might need to restore your system to factory installations. The factory installation refers to all applications which were residing in the system at the time of manufacturing. You can do this process with Gateway® recovery management. Gateway® recovery management allows your system to reinstall the programs and drivers and view documentation that came with the system.

Setting security

As you are using Gateway® ZX4800 series in a public place there are chances of other people hijacking your system. They can enter into your system and can steal or destroy many applications and data in your system. So the recovery management provides passwords to your system. The password is created by the user. The other users cannot enter into your system unless they do not know your password. There are options for changing or removing password.

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