Gateway® Zx6900 Series Desktop Review

Product Review Summary

The Gateway® One ZX6900 Series notebook comes with various features like 23 inch LCD touch screen that offers pictures with high definition quality and good clarity of images. This system runs on Windows® 7 Home Premium edition and one of the most significant features is that it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse.


The Gateway® One ZX6900 Series notebook makes it great for home entertainment. Its eye catching style attracts the users giving them a more intuitive and fun way of computing. It also has the capability to work on various applications with touch screen experience. This computer provides simple easy to learn options to its users.

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Gateway® One ZX6900 Series computer is powered by Intel® CoreT i3-530 processor with 4GB of RAM. It operates at a speed of 2.93 GHz with 4mb cache with a limited warranty of one year. It”s 640 GB hard drives provide large capacity for storing files and other data. The Gateway® One ZX6900 Series PC comes with Intel® built-in graphics card and an optional feature of 3.2 GHz CoreT. This system is ideal for productivity applications and enhanced entertainment. Gateway® One ZX6900 Series computer also comes with a pack of speakers that provide quality sound with a range of highs and lows. The users can immerse themselves in high definition entertainment experience.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Sleek design

    Its sleek design feels like integrating monitor and PC into one. The wireless mouse and keyboard makes it more convenient to use. This system also gives you a perfect viewing angle by adjusting the arching back stand.

  • FOUR – Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium Edition

    Windows® 7 home premium simplifies operations and makes things easier to implement. It provides improved performance in areas like security and touch. This operating system can make the boot time faster and operates the way the user wants.

  • THREE – Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD

    Intel® graphics offers excellent performance for lifelike audio and video and also for sharper images. The users can also acquire full support for genuine Microsoft® Windows® 7.

  • TWO – 23 inch ultra bright LCD

    This 23-inch gateway display provides ultra sharp images at a resolution of 1920X1080. It offers enhanced entertainment in the field of gaming adventures, Internet surfing and graphics creations.

  • ONE – HD stereo system

    Gateway® One ZX6900 Series systems give the most cutting edge audio content with integrated five-way speaker system. It also supports almost all the audio formats. It gives out a high quality sound with auditory play back.

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