Gateway® One ZX6900 Series Memory Upgrade

What are the needs and benefits of upgrading the memory of Gateway® One ZX6900 Series notebooks?

After upgrading your Gateway® One ZX6900 Series system, you should notice an increase in your computers’ performance. You will also be able to run more programs at once without making the system slowing down. Upgrading memory in your computer is a better way of increasing its speed and capacity. Upgrading it is of immense importance. There are some programs that rely on having greater amounts of memory that are typically available. The Gateway® One ZX6900 Series offers good computing, value quality and reliable systems at reasonable prices. As system programs get bigger and more powerful, they require more memory to run effectively. Memory is one of the fundamental components on your Gateway® One ZX6900 Series. Memory determines the speed at which your system operates.

Upgrading your computer’s memory will improve your systems’ performance in the following ways :

  • Helps in performing video editing tasks

  • Enables fast web surfing

  • Smoother multitasking

  • Better multimedia presentations

Helps in performing video editing tasks

You can edit big video files only if there is enough memory. There will be no issues with graphics texture once you upgrade your memory. Therefore it is necessary to increase your memory for better performance.

Enables fast web surfing

Memory upgrade can help your browser display pages faster. When your system can store more data in memory, it can work with more multiple tabs and browser windows at the same time.

Smoother multitasking

A memory upgrade is important for smooth and effortless multitasking. It gives your system an extra boost. Hence it doesn't have to use the hard drive to manage data with memory upgrade. You can open several applications at the same time and switch between them frequently.

Better multimedia presentations

The applications respond much quicker if more memory is available in your system. You should perform install with maximum memory in order to get the best performance. Intense graphics use and memory-laden programs, such as multimedia, publishing and graphics arts, and demand more memory for the optimal computing experience. Therefore performing memory upgrade can emerge with enhanced multimedia presentations.

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