Gateway® One ZX6900 Series Network Controller

Role of network controllers in Gateway® One ZX6900 Series

A network controller is a reliable hardware device used to communicate in the network. They are also known as Ethernet controllers. These network controllers can be easily installed and does not require any manuals for further reference. It is a standard piece of system hardware and is integrated directly into motherboard. These network controllers are also capable of handling bandwidth matching for different transfer speeds. The common speeds are 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1000Mbps. Gateway® One ZX6900 Series is powered by Intel® Core™ i3 530 processor with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. Network controllers help on those systems that have the ability to work on networks or to become servers. The speed might range between megabytes to gigabytes. Gateway® delivers excellent system performance with its new Gateway® One ZX6900 Series. These network controllers differ in their connection type processing speed and interface. They are actually used for initiating and controlling a network connection. When you plug a network cable to your system, the operating system will auto configure the connection. Device drivers are also known as software drivers. It enables the high-level computer programs to communicate with hardware devices. So, in order to translate between hardware device and operating system, drivers are essential in Gateway® One ZX6900 Series.

The following tips will give users about the need for drivers on network controllers :

  • Smooth functioning of network controller

  • Improves wireless signal quality

  • Enhance network connection speed

Smooth functioning of network controller

The operating system initially gives requests to these drivers and these drivers pass the request to the network controllers. So, the drivers work as an intermediate between the user and the device. Like all other computer devices, network controllers also require drivers to support devices. Each and every device requires its own drivers to be installed properly for their functions to work properly.

Improves wireless signal quality

Sometimes the wireless signals could get fluctuated which can lead to a failure in connection. In such cases, network controller drivers inform the network controllers and they boost up the signal. The network controller plays a vital role in improving the quality of the wireless signal for effective performance of your system.

Enhance network connection speed

Network controllers are the devices that are used to transfer files. Only the network driver can increase the speed of network connections. The network speed mainly depends upon the speed of these network controllers which are controlled by the driver. Only network controller with proper driver could provide a faster network connection.

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