Fix Cannot Format the Flash Drive Issue

Why you get cannot format the flash drive issue?

You may need to format the flash drive in the system in certain situations. It may be because you need to free up the driver completely. The formatting process will remove all files and applications in the driver including hidden files. The formatting process is also helpful if the drive is been infected. Thus, you can remove data in drive without any virus getting into your system. But, there may be some situations at which you get unable to format the drive. You may be getting error messages like “Cannot format the pen drive” when you attempt to format it. You need to remove reason for the issue and can format it successfully.

Here are some reasons for cannot format the flash drive issue and tips to fix it:

  • Reason for not formatting

  • Remove virus

  • Remove write-protected feature

Reason for not formatting

There may be some reasons for the issue when you are unable to format a flash drive in a system. It may be because of some viruses residing in the system. These viruses may have affected your system and the flash drive as the driver is being used among a number of systems. Another reason for the issue includes the write-protected feature enabled in the drive. This feature has been included in the drive so as to protect its data from over-written or altered.

Remove virus

You can try removing infections to fix the unable to format a flash drive issue. To do this, you need to remove the flash driver from your system. Then, you need to install good anti-virus software in your system. You can then run it to get the system scanned. You need to then remove all infections which have been searched out by the software. You need to then re-insert the drive in the system and cancel the Autorun option. Scan the drive using the software to remove viruses and you can now start formatting the drive.

Remove write-protected feature

You can turn off the write-protected feature of the flash driver to fix the issue. To do this, you need to select the switch or slider for the write protect feature. You need to disengage the option and ensure that the “Read-only” mode is not selected for the flash drive in your system. To do this, you need to navigate to the system Start Menu and then right-click the flash driver’s icon. You need to then select the ‘Properties’ option form the pop-up menu displayed. You need to then uncheck the “Read-only” option if it has been checked and get the issue fixed.

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