Fixing SD Card Formatting Issues

Get to know more about why the SD card is not getting formatted

The SD or Secure Digital card refers to a small compact type of portable flash memory. This works similar to the hard disk drive in the system. The SD card allows you to save your information like files and documents which can be then easily transferred to other systems. You need to just plug-in the SD card in the appropriate ports of the system and copy or paste documents into and from the SD card. But, it is possible to get some issues with the SD card. The SD card may get corrupted due to some user interactions or some other infection. The best method to fix such errors with the SD card is to format it completely. The formatting process will remove all data from the SD card including viruses and corruptions. Thus, you can get a clean version of the SD card.

Here are some reasons for SD card not formatting and tips to fix such issues:

  • Reason for SD Card Not Formatting

  • Cleaning the SD Card

  • Remove Write Protection

Reason for SD Card Not Formatting

There are some situations when you are unable to format the SD card in your system. It may be because the system is not supporting the formatting utility for SD card. You may have added some write protection feature in the SD card. Some damage or dust on the SD card may also result in the SD card not being formatted.

Cleaning the SD Card

It is possible that the SC card is having some dust over it. This may result in it not getting formatted. To fix this issue, you need to clean the SD card thoroughly. This can be done by the use of cotton or a card cleaning tool. You need to then insert the card by contacting the pins into the card reader's slot. You need to then connect the card reader's USB connector to the USB port of the system. You can then see the SD card icon ad select the 'Format' option to get it formatted.

Remove Write Protection

You can try removing the write protection from the SD card to make the formatting task possible. To do this, you need to eject the SD card and then flip the card over. You can see a small plastic lever over the SD card. This plastic lever is added for adjusting the write protection of SD card. You need to just slide down the plastic lever downward to the chopped off corner of SD card. You can thus get the SD card write protection disabled.

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