Changing the Mouse Pointer

What is mouse pointer and how can it be changed?

Mouse is a small device used to point words in a document. Not only a single word, but you can access a large part of any document at the same time with this mouse. This is actually an important part of the graphical user interface of the system. A mouse normally consists of a metal or plastic housing or casing. A mouse pointer is that which is displayed in the monitor while pointing a word. This is often shaped like an arrow. Some types of interfaces such as command prompt use an underscore as the mouse pointer. These pointer movements are the key factors for locating a word. These movements results from the finger movements of the user.

Following explains various techniques to change mouse pointer:

  • To customize mouse pointer

  • Mouse pointer options

  • To change the mouse pointer

To customize mouse pointer

You can customize the pointer style. For this, you need to select the 'Pointer' tab in the 'Mouse Properties' dialog box. You would see various options listed in a small box and all those options will be suitable for different actions in the system. That means, you can select the busy symbol, and the symbol will be changed according to the schema selected.

Mouse pointer options

You can change the mouse pointer options also from the 'Mouse Properties' tab. 'Motion', 'Snap to' and 'Visibility' are the three options available in mouse pointer options. 'Motion' settings will help you to change the speed of the mouse pointer and 'Snap to' will help you to change the position of the mouse pointer to a default location. You can change the visibility of the pointer through the 'Visibility' option.

To change the mouse pointer

You can change the existing mouse pointer style. To change this, you need to go to the 'Control Panel'. There you would see the 'Mouse' option and while double clicking on it, you could see the various schemas for your mouse pointer. The default option can be 'None' and you can select any of the available schemas as your mouse pointer. After selecting the proper one, you need to press 'Ok'. Thus the mouse pointer will be changed in to the selected option. If you want to add more mouse pointer schema, then you can download that from the website. Various websites offer the facility to download mouse pointers.

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