Change Mouse Sensitivity

Computer Mouse and its usage

Mouse is a computer peripheral which is used as a pointing device in the computer. It works with a two-dimension motion relative to its surface. Mouse is a small device which controls the movement of the cursor on the computer screen. You can roll this device over a hard and flat surface. The pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction according to the movement of mouse. Usually computer mouse comes with two buttons and a scroll wheel. You can use these buttons such as left button and right button for various operations. There are mainly three types of computer mouse Mechanical, opto-mechanical and optical. Mechanical mouse has a rubber or metallic ball which can roll in all directions. Mouse contains a mechanical sensor which detects the direction of the ball and moves the pointer according to it. Opto-mechanical mouse works same as of mechanical mouse but uses optical sensor instead of mechanical sensor. Optical mouser does not have any type of ball and work on laser. Computer mouse can be easily installed and configured with Windows OS.

Some of the usage of mouse on a Windows system and the way to change the mouse sensitivity is given below:

  • Configuring Mouse Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity

  • Technique to change mouse sensitivity

Configuring Mouse Settings

After connecting the mouse to your PC, you can configure the device the way you want. Mouse settings in Windows OS provide options such as pointer button, pointer option and wheel. By customizing the properties of mouse connected to the system, you can change the working and look of mouse pointer and mouse buttons. You can use the mouse connected to the Windows system according to your choice.

Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse is a pointer device connected to your system. It comes with the option to change its movement sensitivity. Sensitivity of the mouse pointer deals with changing the speed of the mouse pointer. Windows system allows the user to increase or decrease the speed of the pointer according to user's preferences. After increasing the sensitivity of the mouse pointer you can move it faster across the screen. Windows OS allows users to customize the mouse sensitivity easily.

Technique to change mouse sensitivity

In order to change the sensitivity of your computer mouse, open ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Control Panel’. Then select ‘Mouse’ option. A new window will open, now select ‘Pointer Options’ tab. You can change the sensitivity of the mouse pointer by dragging the slide adjustment bar under the ‘Motion’ option. By moving the bar towards slow, you can decrease the speed of the pointer, thus, gaining more control over the pointer. You can increase the sensitivity by moving the slide adjustment bar towards fast.

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