Change Mouse Settings

Do you want to know how you can change your Mouse settings in Windows?

Windows Operating Systems offer several features to make the working platform simple. The mouse connected to a Windows system can be customized according to the users need from the ‘Control Panel’ of Windows System. Mouse settings of Windows system provide several options such as Button, Pointer, Pointer Option, Wheel, Hardware etc. Using these settings, you can change the look and working of the mouse button and pointer. Another feature is that you can also change the working of Mouse scroll wheel. After making appropriate changes, test your new settings in a notepad, browser, or any other application.

Methods to change the mouse settings in Windows OS:

  • Accessing Mouse Settings

  • Changing Buttons & Pointer

  • Changing Pointer Options and Wheel

Accessing Mouse Settings

Mouse settings in Windows based system allow several options to change the work and look of pointer device. You can make change mouse settings to manage the way in which it operates. In order to change the properties of mouse, select ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Control Panel’. Then a new window will appear with different options. Then click on ‘Mouse’ icon. Here you can change the properties of your mouse.

Changing Buttons & Pointer

Mouse option in the Control panel opens a new window with some options. Click on the ‘Button’ tab to change the settings such as Button Configuration, Double Click Speed and Clicklock. Button configurations allow to change the primary buttons of the mouse. You can change the speed of the mouse double click by changing double click speed. Clicklock allows you to highlight or drag without pressing the mouse button. Pointer tab allows you to change or customize the look of your mouse pointer. Click the drop down list under ‘Scheme’ to replace your mouse pointer with a new one. Select ‘Apply’ to preview the cursor.

Changing Pointer Options and Wheel

Pointer Option tab of mouse settings allows you to change the speed of the mouse pointer and to enhance the precision of the mouse pointer. You can move the mouse pointer to default buttons automatically in Windows using the options in this tab. ‘Pointer Option’ also allows you to change the visibility of the mouse pointer and some other settings. Wheel tab offers to change the way a page scrolls when you move the mouse wheels. You can change mouse wheel scroll settings by increasing or decreasing the values in the text-box.

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