Cleanup the Hard Drive

Read on the following to know more about the hard drive and the methods to clean up hard drive

The hard disk drive or the HDD is a non-volatile, random access device for storing data digitally. As it is non-volatile, it has the ability to store the data even if power supply is not available and wont clear off the data stored when power is withdrawn as in case of RAM, which is volatile. The hard disk features a rotating rigid platter on a motor-driven spindle within a protective casing from shocks or jerks. The data is written or read magnetically to the platter by employing a read/write pin that floats on a film of thin air just above the platters. You can make use of normal hard disks that can be connected to your computer internally or make use of new compact hard disks that could be connected externally to your computer via USB or SATA ports.

The methods to clean up hard drive are:

  • Third party software utility

  • Disk Cleanup Utility

  • Other options

Third party software utility

You can clean up your hard drive to free disk space in your computer by making use of the third party software cleanup tools. There are lots of third party clean up tools available in the market and you can make use of your favorite search engine to find the cleanup program that suits you the best and the one that works with your installed operating system. Download the program to your computer, install it and run it to clean up your hard drive.

Disk Cleanup Utility

You are also provided with the 'Disk Cleanup' utility in your Windows computer. When you want to clean up your hard drive, you can run this 'Disk Cleanup' utility in your computer. For this, you can click the 'Start menu' and then navigate to the 'All Programs'. From here, you can launch 'Accessories', and then 'System Tools', and then you can click on the 'Disk Cleanup'. You can find the options to clean up your hard drive space. You can also select the drive you want to clean up and follow the instructions to complete the cleaning.

Other options

You can also have other options provided by your Windows Operating system to clean up your hard disk. One is the format option. You can clean up your hard drive completely by formatting it. For this, you can right-click and select the hard disk that you want to format and scroll down and click on the 'Format' option. You can select format options provided, like 'Quick format', 'Enable Compression' etc.

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