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What are a number of hardware issues and tips to resolve them?

Computer is regarded as the greatest invention of all times and the 21st century is regarded as the century of computer. One is completely dependent on computer for ever task. But computer is not reliable at all for data storage because, there might come any software or hardware problem. This would erase out all the data stored on the users’ disc.

Some of the common hardware issues that can come and tips to resolve these issues are discussed in the following points.

  • Causes

  • Problems

  • Tips to solve


Most viruses erase all the data stored on the disc and the hardware problem is a big issue. It happens when any of the components of the users’ PC i.e. RAM, hard drive, processor, etc. becomes unresponsive due to some unknown reason. The whole data vanishes in no time and the computer ceases its activity.


There are numerous hardware issues related to computers. The most common issue is due to heat up problem. If the computer is kept in a closed cupboard or any closed thing then, the computer chips may melt due to increased temperature. The computer has a maximum temperature range. Another problem occurs when the user tries to install another CD-Rom or DVD-Rom on to his PC but fails. Sometimes, the hard drive stops working and, even if attached to another computer the hard drive needs a format. If an uneven voltage is supplied to the PC the power supply of the computer blows away. The uneven voltage is not tolerable for a power supply, and so it blows away. If we take a look at the video card we would come to know that there are some problems with the video card installation.

Tips to solve

All these problems can be solved easily. One must keep the computer in an open area so that, the temperature of it does not increases beyond its limits. The user must make sure that the computer is not operated in increased temperature. For the second problem, you must first know the type of the CD or DVD-Rom. You must know the manufacturer and the part number. Then, check the compatibility and after that install that CD driver from the devices menu. For the third problem, one must be sure that uneven voltage is not supplied. For that you should use a voltage stabilizer with the computer. This would solve the problem. For the video card problem, one must make sure that the video card is compatible with the computer and motherboard. If it is compatible then it would allow that video card, unless it would discard it.

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