Ways to connect Logitech® Bluetooth® mouse

Methods to connect a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to your computer.

In computing terms, a mouse is a device that allows users to control the cursor on the computer display. A mouse can be termed as a pointing device since it is used for controlling the pointer which in turn helps users in pointing to files. A mouse consists of one or more buttons and sometimes some other items like ‘mouse wheel’. A Bluetooth mouse is a type of mouse that uses Bluetooth technology for connecting to the computer. It uses RF waves for transmitting signals generated by the mouse. The computer should also be equipped with Bluetooth technology and a receiver for receiving RF signals.

Here are some points that can help users to know about the steps for connecting a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to a computer:

  • Details of a computer mouse

  • Benefits of a Bluetooth mouse

  • Ways to connect a Logitech Bluetooth mouse

Details of a computer mouse

A computer mouse is a pointing device which is used for controlling the cursor of the display. It generates signals of different types. Signals are generated according to the movement of the mouse and the data represented in the signal will be the x and y co-ordinates of the mouse. This signal is transmitted to the CPU which in turn repositions the cursor accordingly. Thus, the CPU together with mouse allows users to control the cursor.

Benefits of a Bluetooth mouse

Computer mouse of different types are now available in the market. The most advanced among them is the Bluetooth device which uses RF waves for transmitting signals. The advantage of a Bluetooth mouse is that it does not require any wires or cords to be connected to the computer. Its power is supplied using a battery. This provides users with a more tidy and comfortable working environment.

Ways to connect a Logitech Bluetooth mouse

Connecting a Logitech Bluetooth mouse requires only simple steps that can be done even by novice users. First of all, turn off the computer. Then connect the base station to the computer using a USB cable. Load the mouse with batteries and place it on top of the base station for charging. The LED light blinks while it is charging and remains solid to indicate the charge is full. Turn on the computer and you will be able to use your Logitech Bluetooth mouse. Insert the Logitech CD and follow the instructions for installation to be completed. This will allow you to use the advanced features of a Logitech Bluetooth mouse.

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