Automatic backup of external hard drive

What are the different software tools available to backup data from external hard drive?

External hard drives are used to store huge amount of data. External hard drives are portable and you may plug it to any computer with a USB. But it is possible for some issues to occur to the external hard drive and hence there is a chance for the user to loss their valuable data. Issues like virus infection and automatic formatting may get affect the external hard drive and hence it is recommended to backup the data in the external hard drive. You can use some software for performing automatic backup of the external hard drive. There is a number of software designed for this purpose which you need to download and install from their websites and run in the system. These include Recover Data, EASEUS Todo, Cobian Backup etc.

Here are some notes on different software available to backup data from external hard drive:

  • Recover Data

  • EASEUS Todo

  • Cobian Backup

Recover Data

Recover Data is software which can be used for automatic backup of data from external hard drive. The software has been added with many new features which makes it the best for your data backup needs. It has been added with enhancements for recovering the data from lost or missing logical drives. You can make the file recovery even after the Operating System reinstallation. It supports backup of large amount of data. It allows backup of data like e-mails, videos, music files and documents etc.


It is less possible to recover data if the external hard drive has been overwritten by new content. To recover the issue, the EASEUS Todo has been introduced. The free backup software provides better data security. The software provides features like system backup, restore, disk clone etc. The software can also be used for taking backup of the whole PC. It can take backup of applications, settings and Operating System also. The EASEUS Partition master is useful in the case of your system partition running out of place which will extend system partition.

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is another freeware backup utility which can be used for automatic backup of your external hard drive. The software can support both local as well as remote backups. New features are being integrated in the software in a regular basis. It comes with important features like strong encryption which will ensures complete data security. It includes both incremental, differential and full backup. It can support file compression like the popular 7-zip format.

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