Testing External Hard Drive Speed

Tips for testing external hard drive.

External Hard drives are the devices which can be used to store and backup the system data. All computers have at least one hard drive which stores the Operating System, application programs and user information. These hard drives are called internal hard drives. There are several factors such as online threats like viruses and Trojans, multiple user access etc that may sometimes result in corrupting or damaging hard disk. With the help of an external hard drive we can create backup of the internal hard drive. In addition to that they also offer several advantages to the users. They are portable and can be carried from one place to another easily. They can carry the information up to several GBs.

Different features and benefits of external hard drives and a method to check the external hard drive speed are explained below:

  • Features of external hard drives

  • Benefits of external hard drives

  • Method to Test the Speed

Features of external hard drives

There are lots of external hard drives in the market which offer several features to the customers. External hard drive stores all the sensitive and confidential data, movies, photographs and other types of data. These drives are available in two formats such as SATA (Serial Advanced Technology) and IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics). SATA drives are much faster than IDE. These drives consist of platters, spindles, Read/write head, spindle motors and head actuator. Additional platters allow more data to save on it. Spindle motors set in the spindle spins the platter and the read/write of platters are done by read/write headers.

Benefits of external hard drives

There are several external hard drives which are capable of carrying our entire data files and folders. They have the memory ranging from 120 GB to 500 GB and some manufacturers offer even 1 terabyte or more space. These drives can hold thousands of files, applications, movies, videos, spreadsheet and PDF files. Portability is another benefit offered by external hard drive. This can be carried from place to place. Back up of storage, booting up devices and transfering files are other benefits of external hard drives.

Method to Test the Speed

External hard drives are high speed portable devices which can be used to store large amount of data. We can test the speed of these external hard drives easily. There are several tools available to check the speed of the external hard drives. We can download this file from any trusted websites. After downloading the set up file we can extract these files and run the set up file. After installing click the option ‘Quick speed test’ and click ‘Ok’ and click on ‘Start’ to test the speed of your external hard disk.

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