How to fix hard drive boot failure

What are the causes of a hard drive boot failure? How could you fix a hard drive boot failure?

The hard drives are considered as one of the permanent data storage media for your system. You may face many problems related to system hard disk. Disk boot failure is a problem which arises when you try to boot the computer from the files installed on a disk. Disk boot failure could arise due to large number of reasons. Few of the reasons are corrupt bootable disk. You may also face hard drive boot failure problem due to reasons like the boot options are not set properly in CMOS, non bootable disc or USB in your system, Hard disk drive is bad etc.

Given below are the causes and tips to fix hard drive boot failure:

  • Non-bootable floppy diskette or disc or USB

  • Remove added hardware / check connections

  • Bad hard disk drive

Non-bootable floppy diskette or disc or USB

You need to verify that there is no floppy diskette in your system. If the boot options are set inappropriately the computer could be trying to boot from the disc drive instead of the hard drive. Also you need to verify there is no disc, USB jump drive, external hard disk drive, or memory stick is inside any memory card reader.

Remove added hardware / check connections

If you've installed any new hardware, it's recommended that it be detached to confirm it is not causing this problem. If after the device being detached the computer works then ensure that the jumpers are correctly set on the hard disk drive. In addition to removing any new hardware it is also suggested if you've recently moved the computer or installed anything inside the computer that the connections for the drive be checked. Usually it's best to disconnect the cables from the back of the drive and reconnect them to make sure they're connected properly. Also disconnect and reconnect the cable connected to the motherboard as well.

Bad hard disk drive

If the hard disk drive is bad or the controller is bad then you may face hard drive boot failure problem. If available, you may want to connect another known good hard disk drive to the computer to determine if it can be detected. If it is detected then replace your hard disk drive. If it is not detected, unfortunately you will need to replace the motherboard or controller as it is bad. If no additional hard disk drive is available it is recommended that the hard disk drive be replaced first or that the computer be serviced / repaired.

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