Learn how to clean up a hard drive

What is a hard drive? What is the method to clean up a hard drive?

The hard drives are considered as one of the main data storage media for your system. This storage device is often more stable and reliable when compared to other storage Medias like CD, DVD etc. All your significant data, applications and the Operating System are stored in the hard drive of your system. However in some situations these hard drives in Windows System might fail and the files stored in this hard drive would become inaccessible. Over time your computer's hard drive can become full of data that is unnecessary and destructive to the speed of your system. A hard drive loaded with temporary Internet and program files, spyware/adware and Internet browsing history is a waste of storage space.

Given below are the method to clean up a hard drive:

  • Defragment your hard drive

  • Delete the browsing history

  • Delete spyware/adware & cookies

Defragment your hard drive

Hard drive defragment is used to rearrange files and it helps to speed up disk access time. To defragment your Windows hard drive you need to select Start and open My Computer. After right-clicking on your C drive, select 'Properties' and click on the 'Tools' tab, then click on 'Defragment Now...' under the 'Defragmentation' heading. Next, click 'Defragment'. The program will check your hard drive and start the defragmentation process. Defrag your drive at least once a month if you delete and change lots of files.

Delete the browsing history

You need to remove your Internet browsing history and alter the number of days to remain history to a significance of '0'. So your browser may be unfilled. If you must remain a few days of history, set the value to something between '0' and '3' Keeping browser history not only wastes hard drive space, but also slows down the opening and closing of your Internet browser. Most browsers allow you to change browser history settings under the 'Tools' menu selection. Also you can make use of the Disk clean up tool to delete all unwanted history from your hard disk.

Delete spyware/adware & cookies

You need to download or obtain a spyware/adware remover and run it to get rid of any hidden files that are tracking your location on your system. Spyware/adware can slow your computer down to a crawl and eat up valuable hard drive space. Also delete cookies from untrusted sources. If you don't know the website related to a cookie, delete that cookie. You may want to consider changing your Internet browser setting so you must be prompted before the browser can store cookies.

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