Tips to check error with hard drive

What is the technique to check errors related with a hard drive? How could you fix those errors?

Hard drive which is also known as the hard disk drive is a significant element of the modern computer. Like cassette tapes and videos tapes this hard drive also makes use of special memory storage technology. Hard drives contain a mirror like platters which contains magnetic recording medium. These platters are usually made of glass or aluminum. Then this hard drive has got a head which reads and writes data to the platters and these heads are usually attached to the platters. Since these drives are the one which stores all your programs and files, any damaged to it due to any reason would lose all the data stored in it. Thus it is necessary to secure your hard drive.

Given below the hard drive errors, technique to check the errors and tips to fix those errors:

  • Hard drive errors

  • CheckDrive features

  • Solution

Hard drive errors

You may experience with many error messages related to hard drive. Error includes Drive seek error, Controller failed error, Drive sector not found error, Write fault error, Drive track error, Head select error, Error Correction Code (ECC) error, Sector buffer overrun, Bad address mark, Internal controller diagnostics failure, Data compare error, Drive not ready, Track indicator failure, Diagnostics cylinder, Surface read errors, Hard drive type error, Bad diagnostics cylinder, Data compare error, etc.

CheckDrive features

CheckDrive provides you a simple method of checking your systems hard drives for errors. These errors can be resolved instantly. Also CheckDrive explains the information about your drives and establishes if your hard drive needs to be cleaned or defragmented. It is able to detect current fragmentation of your hard drives and shows the amount of garbage on your disks.


In order to resolve hard disk errors you need to make sure that the hard drive is installed properly, is connected correctly via cables and switched on. Also, you need to set the hard disk drive in correct send mode. You could run Chkdsk to check and fix logical partition corruption. If problem persists, reformat it and restore from backup. Use Hard Drive Data Recovery applications if backup gives error or you don't have any backup.

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