Tips to fix error code 7 in hard drive

Learn about error code 7 associated with a hard drive. Also, know the technique to fix the error

Hard drive is one of the major components in the system. It stores the Operating System and the other major system files. This is necessary for the proper working of the system. You may get some error messages such as error 7, blue screen error etc while installing your Operating System. This informs you about the error in hard drive. The main reason behind this issue is the corrupted NTFS file. This is one of the important files in the system and the corruption of this will display the error code 7. Windows registry is another reason that can also cause this error message. Since registry stores details about all the installed applications in the system, the chance of getting corrupted is more. This registry corruption also will cause the error code 7. You can resolve this error message through some simple resolutions.

Following explains some tips to resolve the hard drive error code 7:

  • Reboot the system

  • System restore

  • Repair the registry

Reboot the system

The best method to resolve the hard drive error code 7 is system rebooting after removing any newly installed software applications. The incompatibility of the software application can be the reason for that error message. So this restarting will help you to resolve the issue. If the system works well after rebooting, then the reason can be the software. If compatibility is the problem, then it is better to install a compatible version of the software.

System restore

If rebooting doesn't not resolve the issue, then the next possible way to resolve the error message is to restore the system in to any of the last good configuration. This process is otherwise known as system restoring. This option resides in the System Tools in Accessories. There you would see many restore points either created by the system or you. You can select any proper restore point from the list to restore. This also can help you to resolve the error message.

Repair the registry

You need to repair the registry if none of the above solutions could resolve the error message 7. You need to delete all the unnecessary data from the registry. If you could not differentiate the necessary and unnecessary files in the registry, then it’s better to choose any registry repair softwares to repair the registry. Such softwares will help you to organize all the files in the registry and thus to resolve the error message.

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