Fix hard drive error while starting an application

Possible reasons for hard disk errors on opening certain applications and how to fix the issues.

The hard drive is a storage medium, which is an important component of a computer. The main cause for a hard drive error is the registry entries and drivers for mass storage controller hardware on the backup system are not installed in Microsoft Windows XP. There can be chances that your Windows-based computer is infected by serious boot sector virus, which has damaged or corrupted the boot sector. If the file system is damaged and Windows XP cannot initialize boot volume during start up, then you will face a hard drive error. Due to some electrical connection problem, it is possible that the hard drive error occurs while starting an application. A controller failure too results in error at boot up time or otherwise the hard drive may fail physically which causes the hard drive error. When starting an application, the hard drive fails to read a sector on the platter. Typically a hard drive failure will be indicated by an error code while the computer is booting.

Following are the ways to fix a hard disk drive error while starting an application and points to keep in mind:

  • Windows Partition Recovery

  • Remove Hard Drive Diagnostic

  • Points to keep in mind

Windows Partition Recovery

To fix the hard drive error while starting an application, you need to perform Windows partition recovery. You need to use the same hardware to backup the computer and also use an updated and powerful antivirus software to detect and remove boot sector viruses. Then use the check disk utility to repair the damaged boot volume. In some cases you need to format the hard drive or reinstall the operating system.

Remove Hard Drive Diagnostic

The hard drive error that occurs while starting an application can be due to Hard Drive Diagnostic that can be removed safely using spyware removal tools. You need to scan your computer using a spyware removal program that can help to find and remove the Hard Drive Diagnostic infected files from your computer automatically. It can also be removed manually by uninstalling the Hard Drive Diagnostic via the Control Panel.

Points to keep in mind

The hard drive stores all the files that make up the user interface of the computer and if it gets damaged, errors will be reported while you start an application. If the hard drive begins to malfunction, a quick solution is to create a boot disk from the operating system, and to boot from that disk instead of the hard drive to do a quick back-up of any necessary files. It is necessary that you maintain it properly and use necessary tools to solve the errors that occur.

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