Hard Drive Missing

What are the reasons for hard drive missing issue? How this can be fixed?

The hard drive in a system plays an important role in entire system performance. The main role of hard drive in a system is to store Operating System and other data. Sometimes, this hard drive may show a missing state. There are different reasons behind this issue and the user needs to take proper care to resolve this issue. If the hard drive in system has gone missing, and a system reboot does not bring it back, you need to check the system BIOS first. This determines all the connected devices in system and by checking this, you can verify whether the hard drive is properly connected or not. Due to some connection problems and power failure, this hard drive missing issue may occur. So, to fix all these, you need to check all the components related to hard drive.

Following are some tips to resolve the missing hard drive issue:

  • Fix cables

  • Fix hard drive crash

  • Fix power failure

Fix cables

If any of the cables and connections is not properly set up, then this issue can be occur. So, the first fix that you need to do is verification of all the cables and connections in your system. If the hard drive in the system is not properly connected, then you will get hard drive missing message. The problem will be solved after correcting all the connections related to hard drive.

Fix the hard drive crash

A crash in hard drive can also cause this issue. If the hard drive gets corrupted or crashes, then the hard drive will not be displayed in the system. So, to fix this issue, you have to fix the hard drive in system. Various malware present in system can be the reason behind this issue and you need to remove all such threats from the system. You need to check the boot sector code in the hard drive to fix this issue.

Fix power failure

Since power failure is also a reason behind the hard drive missing issue, you need to check the power. You need to fix the voltage variations if any in the system. The hard drive issue will be solved after fixing all such power variations.

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