Benefits of Hard Drive Partition

Get to know more about the benefits of a hard drive partition.

The hard drive is a storage device that is inserted into computers for storing system information and user data. The hard drive partition is the storage area on a hard disk. The partitioning of the hard drive into different storage areas is known as hard disk partitioning. The partitioning of the hard drive helps the user in dividing the whole hard disk area into chunks of small areas. The partitioning scheme permits only four primary partitions. But extended partitions are also permitted other than the primary partitions. The partitioning of the hard disk also deletes data that has been already stored on the drive.

Discussed below are some points related with the hard drive partition:

  • Benefits of Partitioning

  • Ways to Partition and Format a Hard Drive

  • Tips to Fix Issues

Benefits of Partitioning

The hard disk partitioning helps the user to run separate operating systems on a single disk. Thus the insertion of a second disk can be avoided. The partition helps in breaking down the hard disk in to different storage areas. It helps the user in managing the data storage over the disk efficiently. The user can also store similar data on each storage partitions. The data related with the operating system and the other system files can thus be stored on separate partition in order to avoid corruptions.

Ways to Partition and Format a Hard Drive

There are different ways available to the user for the purpose of partitioning and formatting the hard disk. The user can do the same with the help of operating system setup programs, Fdisk and format tools, etc. The disk management tools available with the operating system also help the user to partition and format the hard disk. The partitioning using the installation CD would require the user to follow the instructions and also insert the formatting CD while prompted. The user can also partition the hard disk by typing "FDISK" at the command prompt window. A suitable file system should be selected by the user while formatting. At least 20 GB space should be provided for the C drive to store the operating system programs and files.

Tips to Fix Commonly Arising Issues

Some precautions are to be taken by the user before performing the hard disk partition, in order to avoid the occurrence of commonly arising issues. The hard disk should be prepared according to the instructions of the manufacturer depending upon the type before doing partition. In the case of IDE hard disks, the jumpers should be set accordingly, along with the cabling options. The SATA disks do not require preparations. Also the suitable file system should be selected for the operating system while partitioning the hard disk. Back up the data if the disk contains any data stored before performing the partitioning and formatting.

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