Tips to quick format hard drive using Quick formatting

What is quick formatting? What is the method to format a hard drive using Quick formatting?

Quick formatting is the feature offered in Windows operating system which can be used to format our hard drive. There are lots of differences between the regular formatting and quick formatting. If you are formatting your hard disk frequently and if you are sure that the hard drive does not contain any bad sectors then you can choose quick formatting to format your hard drive. Quick formatting only wipes out the FAT table and deletes the information from the root of the partition. All other information will be there in the hard disk. You have to notice several things while performing this task. Formatting will erase all the files from the hard disk. Hard disks are the secondary storage device of our computer system which stores all informations about operating system and user information. Create a backup of the hard disk to some other location before performing the formatting.

Method to format a hard drive using Quick Format is explained below:

  • Quick Format

  • Method to format using Quick Format

  • Tips for formatting

Quick Format

Quick Format is one of the features provided by Microsoft in Windows operating system to format the hard drive more quickly and easily. We can use both the regular format and quick format to format our hard drive. If we select the quick format option then it will removes all files from the partition. We can use this method to format the hard disk that has been formatted previously. Quick format option does not scan the system for bad sectors and make sure that the hard disk does not any bad sectors.

Method to format using Quick Format

We can easily perform quick formatting in a Windows based operating system. To perform quick formatting, select ‘Start’ menu and open on ‘My Computer’. Then select the hard drive that you want to format. Then right click on the hard drive and click on the ‘Format’ option. Now a ‘Format drive’ window will be open and click on the checkbox near to ‘Quick Formatting’. Then click on ‘Ok’ in the confirmation Window to perform the quick formatting.

Tips for formatting

We have to notice several things while formatting the hard drives. Hard drives are storage areas which stores all the system data. Before performing hard drive formatting we have to backup all the files on the hard drive to another location. You can place these files on another hard drive or any other external storage devices. We can also use any automated backup programs that copies the information to an online storage site.

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