Tips to transfer data from one hard drive to another hard drive

Discuss the important aspects of a hard drive. What are the techniques to transfer data from one hard drive to another hard drive?

Hard drives are the main data storage media. These storage device are often more stable and reliable when compared to other storage medias like CD, DVD etc. All your significant data, applications and the Operating System are stored in the hard drive. Hard drive uses a special memory storage technology as opposed to cassette tapes and videos tapes. The mirror like platters in the hard drive contains magnetic recording medium and has also got a head which would read and writes data to the platters. However in some situations these hard drives might fail and the files stored in them would become inaccessible.

The following are some of the details about hard drive and the technique to transfer data from one hard drive to another hard drive:

  • Advantage of hard drive

  • Technique to transfer data

  • Things to be kept in mind

Advantage of hard drive

The main role of a hard drive is to store data. A hard drive has the ability to store all your programs, files and documents. According to your wish you could choose the hard drive, as hard drives having different capacity are available today. Hard drives having capacity of even 1000 GB are available today. Then with the help of the hard drive you are can transfer data from one computer to another.

Technique to transfer data

In order to transfer data from one hard drive to another hard drive, ensure that your are connected to the computer. Then turn on your computer and then log in to Windows. After that right click on the Start button and click on Windows Explorer. You need to repeat this step so that you would have two Windows Explorer Windows Open. Then in the first Windows Explorer Window you need to click on the old hard drive and then by press CTRL and C copy all the items. After that in the second Windows explorer Window you need to click on the new hard drive and paste all the data which you have copied from old hard drive to the new one.

Things to be kept in mind

The first and the most important thing that you would have to consider while transferring data from one hard drive to another hard drive is to create backup of files. You could copy all the data in the old hard drive to either an USB drive or CD. Thus in case if any failure occurs you could easily recover your data. Then it is also recommended not to erase the data of your old hard drive until everything has been transferred properly.

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